What I do

What I do

I help you connect with customers.

That’s the simple version.

Real talk?

I start as if I am your company in an elevator with a potential customer, and I have only a few minutes to convert them into a client.  What ideas or information are essential to convey? How would it speak or interact to engage?

Once I have your voice, I focus on the purpose of the project for which I’ve been engaged. Am I selling and informing, as with a product description? Keeping top-of-mind with customers and driving traffic to the site or social media? Or is it about representing the brand through website text?

Then I write.

Great copy for luxury and equestrian businesses isn’t just about correct grammar and word use (although that’s super important).  It’s thoughtful, purpose-driven storytelling that defines your brand and resonates with your customers.  

I’m especially good at that because I owned a high-end bridal boutique before becoming a solopreneur and have been a rider for over thirty years. I know where small businesses are coming from and understand the customer.